First Time Home Buyer

Buying your first home can be both exciting and scary. Here are some basic steps to follow to get your first home When you are ready, go to step 1 below to receive free expert advice.

Steps to Getting a Your First Home


Step 1

Get Pre-approved

This is usually the first step in the home buying process. You can also get pre qualified,
but a pre approval shows that you are serious.

Step 2

Find your home

This is the fun, yet stressful part of the journey. Use an agent who is familiar with the
neighborhood or use one of the many online services to assist your search.

Step 3

Get a home inspection

Make sure you get this inspection so you don’t find any surprises later on. You can also negotiate if you do find any surprises.

Step 4

Make an offer on the home

Now that you have found the perfect home, make your best offer to the seller.

Step 4

Shop for a mortgage rate and get funded!

Get multiple rate quotes from different lenders and compare their fees and closing costs. Once
underwriting approves, you can get funded for your new home!

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