Mortgage Pre Approval

A mortgage pre approval is when you submit an application to receive an approval for a mortgage prior to your home buying research. Prospective buyers will know what they can afford before shopping for a mortgage loan. When you pre approve, home sellers and real estate agents will know that you are a serious buyer…. Read More

Solve Your Financial Problems

Perhaps you always wanted to sleep without having to worry about all the debts that overcome you every day. Perhaps you have tried lots of ways to get rid of them, but it seems that you never had the results that you wanted. Today might be your lucky day. Did you hear about mortgage consolidation?… Read More

Loan Modification

So what is a loan modification? A loan modification is a change in one or more of the terms in a mortgage loan so the loan can be reinstated. This allows the consumer to stay in their home and make their payments more affordable. The loan modification process has become more popular in recent years… Read More

Debt Consolidation Loans

You are behind with your payments. Your credit cards are at their limit, already bearing a car loan, a consumer loan, and a house payment. Just the fact of paying your bills is making you feel tired and nowhere near to solve the problems. But maybe there is a way to solve it and a… Read More

Rent Or Buy In Boston?

If you are planning to rent or buy a Boston condo or any type of real estate in the Boston area, there are a few things you should know first. Boston is a medium size city with about 600 thousand people living in it. This population number doubles though during daytime as people living in… Read More

No Cost Refinancing

“No Cost” means the mortgage company will pay for all closing costs and will not charge any points.  “No Cost” does not mean rolling closing costs into the mortgage. It’s true that obtaining a lower interest rate is usually the main reason for homeowners to refinance.  Some are even willing to pay more money upfront… Read More

Reverse Mortgage Qualification

Reverse Mortgages are available to homeowners that are age 62 and older. All persons listed on the deed to the property must be at least age 62. The borrower must occupy the property as his/her primary residence and all existing liens must be paid off at the time of settlement. Thus, the proceeds of the… Read More

Reverse Mortgage Benefits

There are several benefits associated with the Reverse Mortgage. First, there are no income or credit requirements when qualifying for this loan. Second, the borrower has no repayment obligations until the property is no longer his residence. Thus, the borrower may live in the property until his/her death without ever making a payment back to… Read More

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