Here Are the Common Reasons Why a Mortgage Pre-Approval Is Denied

A mortgage pre-approval is one of the most important steps in acquiring a mortgage. How do you ensure that your pre-approval gets through? If you’re thinking of finally buying your first home, chances are you’ve scoured the internet for those “first-time homebuyer tips.” And maybe perhaps you’ve already encountered the proverbial advice to get pre-approved… Read More

An Inside Look at FHA Loans’ Mortgage Insurance Premiums (MIP)

The Federal Housing Administration insures mortgages made to low- and moderate-income households in the U.S. This guarantee encourages lenders to make loans to borrowers who may not qualify for traditional financing. For the agency to continue backing loans, it imposes MIP on FHA loans. Short for mortgage insurance premiums, FHA MIP is the equivalent of… Read More

3 Major Mortgage Mistakes That Homebuyers Like You Should Avoid

Are you a meticulous buyer? How long does it take you to decide to buy something? For sure, you’ll spend more time and energy to shop for homes and mortgages, right? This way you won’t experience any buyer’s remorse and avoid costly mortgage mistakes. Yes, it’s common to hear about homebuyers’ mortgage mistakes but the… Read More

Here’s How Your Student Loans Affect Your Credit Score

Your credit score is as American as the star-spangled banner. In the Land of the Free, credit is key. There might be a pang of irony in this reality but the rules are set in stone: in modern day USA, the American dream is tied to your three-digit credit rating. Of course, not all Americans… Read More

Here’s Why You Should Think About Getting a Mortgage Pre-approval

Buying a home and applying for a mortgage comes with different processes that require a good amount of effort and preparation. Preparing for these processes are critical. If you don’t put effort into preparing, it could compromise how smoothly these processes would go. Since buying a home is probably one of the biggest investment you’ll… Read More

The Benefits of Reverse Mortgage

Reverse mortgage products are often misunderstood. A lot of eligible seniors shy away from the product because of the hefty fees associated with it. Other misconceptions stem from knowledge of old programs during the subprime lending era. Old and outdated information about existing reverse mortgages may prevent seniors from reaping the wondrous benefits of a… Read More

The Drawbacks of a Reverse Mortgage

We all know what a reverse mortgage is. Well, perhaps the basics. It is a mortgage loan program specifically designed for senior homeowners. One very common reverse mortgage program is the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage or the HECM. It is offered by the Federal Housing Administration. Just like any FHA loan, the HECM is government-guaranteed…. Read More

Let’s Talk About Credit Scores

What are credit scores and what is its role in the financing process? This article discusses the fundamentals of the whole credit scoring system. One of the most vital parts of the lending process is a borrower’s credit score. This is the three-digit number that lenders use to decide a borrower’s risk. This is used… Read More

Consider These Things If You Want To Refinance Your Mortgage

Deciding to refinance your mortgage can come from different reasons. But keep in mind that deciding to refinance should be thought of very carefully. You need to assess whether or not refinancing your existing home loan is the next best option for you. Besides that, it’s also a good idea to learn about different mortgage… Read More

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