Let’s Talk About Credit Scores

What are credit scores and what is its role in the financing process? This article discusses the fundamentals of the whole credit scoring system. One of the most vital parts of the lending process is a borrower’s credit score. This is the three-digit number that lenders use to decide a borrower’s risk. This is used… Read More

Consider These Things If You Want To Refinance Your Mortgage

Deciding to refinance your mortgage can come from different reasons. But keep in mind that deciding to refinance should be thought of very carefully. You need to assess whether or not refinancing your existing home loan is the next best option for you. Besides that, it’s also a good idea to learn about different mortgage… Read More

Is Short Sale an Option When You Can’t Repay Your Mortgage?

A short sale happens when you sell your property for less than what you owe on your mortgage. It’s a sale where the proceeds fall short of your outstanding mortgage balance. But how is it an option for you or any other homeowner? And why do lenders agree to it? Not all borrowers can religiously… Read More

The Truth About No-Cost Refinances

For the cash-strapped borrower, a no-cost refinance seems like a very attractive deal. And who would say otherwise when the lender pays for all closing fees? Per traditional mortgage calculation, closing can cost the borrower around 2 to 5 percent of the overall loan amount. So if you’re taking out a home that is valued… Read More

The Overlooked Benefits of Reverse Mortgage Everyone Must Know

American seniors who own their homes during their retirement see them not just as houses but priceless possessions. The very structure that they call home can actually be a great source of wealth just waiting to be tapped. Home Equity Conversion Mortgage One reverse mortgage program that is popular with seniors is the Home Equity… Read More

Different Home Loan Calculators That Might Be Useful For You

Mortgage and real estate tools online help borrowers easily determine what their expectations are if ever to decide to get a mortgage. Home loan calculators are some of those tools that, individually, have different purposes but as useful as the other. And while these would only give you a good estimate, you’d still have to… Read More

What Is a Reverse Mortgage: A Guide on Eligibility, Repayment and More

A warning and an ensuing update. Reverse mortgages have been the subject of a flurry of developments where the FHA, as insurer of most of these mortgages, is concerned. Since its inception, a reverse mortgage has been designed for senior borrowers to draw funds from their equity-rich homes. Because it works differently from that of… Read More

Can’t Pay Your Mortgage? Consider a Loan Modification.

A loan modification is a form of financial relief process that helps homeowners who are struggling to pay their mortgage payments. Are you currently having difficulties paying your mortgage because you lost your job? Perhaps somebody in your family got sick? Maybe your business has failed and you’ve got no Plan B? Many times, life… Read More

You Should Explore Your 100% Home Financing Options

In the recent years, more and more millennials are coming of age. Their generation is transitioning into adulthood. That being said, they now are the largest generation to make up the housing market. 35 percent of America’s young adults now live in their own residential properties. Millennials who have not purchased their first homes yet… Read More

Beef Up Your Financial Well-Being with these Smart Moves

Debt is as American as apple pie. Debt alone is not bad. The access to credit has provided many with a great opportunity to improve their financial situation. Debt, when handled and managed carefully, will not be a problem. However, one single mistake can lead you to financial ruin. You want to sleep without having… Read More

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